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Website Appen

Appen provides data management for each stage of the AI lifecycle with leading technology and over 1M crowd to power AI.

About Appen

Appen collects and labels images, text, speech, audio, video, and other data used to build and continuously improve the world’s most innovative artificial intelligence systems. Our expertise includes having a global crowd of over 1 million skilled contractors who speak over 235 languages, in over 70,000 locations and 170 countries, and the industry’s most advanced AI-assisted data annotation platform. Our reliable training data gives leaders in technology, automotive, financial services, retail, healthcare, and governments the confidence to deploy world-class AI products. Founded in 1996, Appen has customers and offices globally.

Why Appen?

You enjoy competitive pay and benefit from having no set work hours or schedules. You will have the flexibility to schedule your hours to fit your lifestyle and to work around your career and family demands. You have the freedom to choose when and how much you would like to work.

Project Description

This position involves using a web-based tool to evaluate the quality of advertisements and other related data. You must have strong English and Chinese language understanding. You will judge ads, visit web pages, and answer questions about your findings.

Work Requirements

• Must be eligible to work in the country in which you are located.

• Must have lived in TAIWAN for 5 years.

• All work must be done in the country in which you are located. (Work while traveling abroad is not allowed.)

• Must be able rate tasks in Language, as well as English,

• Have a smartphone, Gmail address,

• Able to render at least 10 hours per week

• Pass the Qualification Exam and all client service level checks

Characteristics for Success:

• Ability to rate tasks in English as well as your resident country’s language

• Detail-oriented and able to switch between subjective and literal tasks.

• Flexibility, willingness to learn, and good communication skills.

• Strong written and spoken English language skills

• Must be internet savvy and have the ability to perform effective side searches for better understanding.

• Should be able to work on tasks using both smartphone and computer at the same time

Help improve search ads results for one of the world’s largest search engines. Register using the link below.

Choose CHINESE (TAIWAN) as your primary language. Once you complete the registration process, you will be able to receive feedback via email or direct through the Appen Connect platform. If you are interested in also applying for other projects, click the ‘All Projects’ Tab then you will see the “Continue” button on the right side of the “Unlock More Projects Complete your profile“, complete the required information to unlock more projects. Once you have COMPLETED all the details, make sure to SUBMIT it and you will be notified via email after we process your application.

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