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The REACH Programme is part of the STEP (Strive Towards Excellence Programme) and aims to enhance the capacity and bench strength of National Staff, through the delivery of a holistic blended learning programme that focuses on key technical and soft skills that have been identified as critical for high-performing Staff. The programme is designed to empower high-performing National Staff to attain international careers, at the same time, support staff’s professional development, career transition and new culture alignment.

REACH Programme participants are selected from G6, G7, NOA, NOB, NOC and NOD staff within the EAPRO region. The candidates can apply to the above requisition in TMS independently, as is the case in any UNICEF recruitment. Final decisions will be made based on meeting minimum requirements, a comprehensive appraisal of all relevant documentation and, if required, a three-minute Sonru video interview.

For those candidates who are shortlisted but not selected, they will be provided with a comprehensive development report and a career coach. Those candidates who are selected for the programme, will receive an acceptance letter and a REACH Information Pack.

There are eight (8) key learning components in the programme, including Facilitated Group Discussions, Individual & Group Coaching, Peer-To-Peer Support, Stretch Assignments, Mentoring and 3 Soft Skills Workshops. The Career Coach will work with each candidate to create an Individual Development Plan. At the end of the programme, colleagues are assessed by Senior colleagues from their respective functional areas and, if successful, placed in the relevant Talent Group.


The REACH programme has been launched to prepare qualified, high-performing national staff for the opportunities and challenges of an international career.

Applying For REACH

If you are interested in applying to the REACH Programme, we highly encourage you to visit the REACH intranet page to learn more. The page outlines the programme’s objectives, the application process, key components, nomination/selection process and potential outcomes.

Eligibility Criteria And Selection

  • You must be a staff member from one of the UNICEF offices in WCARO Region.
  • You must hold at least a Bachelor’s degree.
  • You must be at the GS6, GS7, NOA, NOB, NOC, or NOD level.
  • You must have 5 years of cumulative experience within the UN Common System on an FT, continuing or permanent appointment, the last 3 years of which must be with UNICEF.
  • You must have at least 5 years of service left before the normal retirement age.
  • You must have PER ratings of Solid or Outstanding in the last 2 years.

If you are interested in applying to the REACH Programme, please ensure that you submit your application before the closing date of 9 December, 2022. Applications submitted after the closing date will not be considered.

Please note that applying to and fulfilling the eligibility criteria does not guarantee admission to the REACH Programme. Applicants who successfully pass all the assessments will be admitted to the REACH Programme.

If you have any questions regarding your interest, eligibility or qualification, please contact the WCARO HRBP team, who will provide further guidance.

Company: UNICEF

Vacancy Type: Full Time 

Job Location:  Porto-Novo, Ouémé Department, Benin

Application Deadline: N/A

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