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The team that you will work is responsible to ensure that the imported products have been tested in certified laboratories and that you will comply with the legal requirements of the importing country, to take appropriate actions in order to protect customers from recalled or unsafe products and also, to classify products based on their potential hazardous risk and laws.

Deliverables/ Scope

  • Perform regulatory documents review based on existing regulatory process and checklists and well communicate with vendors;
  • Leverage technology to manage compliance processes, create and maintain regulatory content database;
  • Build and strengthen the connection with internal teams for classification of products and checklist confirmation;
  • Be familiar with the policy and guidelines of e-commerce and import/export tariff;
  • With strong understanding of product categorization and regulation of importing country;
  • The ability to interpret the legal terms to categorize products;
  • Logic thinker and able to perform the review process and solve problem efficiently;
  • Good communication skills to work with different functional teams to analyze global regulatory requirements;
  • The ability to work in highly ambiguous environment with multiple stakeholders

Basic Qualifications

  • 1-2 years of experience in data-driven business operations processes – Business Process Outsourcing, Operations processes
  • Be active and adaptable
  • Excellent English written and basic verbal communication skills

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Overall 1-2 years’ work experience
  • Basic awareness of import and export regulation or practice
  • Data Analysis skills , VBA, SQL, Pythoon etc

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