LogicMonitor Jobs and Careers

LogicMonitor Jobs and Careers

The staff and leaders of The Logic Monitor are highly qualified, so they understand what IT teams want and wish. They’ve more than 25,000 users and counting. Their Performance is their priority. They believe that their customers deserve nothing but the best from their platform. Logic Monitor has 300 billion metrics generated per day which is more than so many other companies.

Their combined expertise is worth quite the sum of its part and they don’t draw simply on the expertise of their employees. They also are backed by their investors Vista Equity Partners and Providence Strategic Growth for the good of the customers of Logic Monitor Logic Monitor goes above and beyond to empower their customers, seeking to be the foremost extensible monitoring platform in the world.

A Great Place to Grow

Their technology enables businesses to work out what’s coming before it happens. Logic Monitor collaborates closely with its customers to know their risks and anticipate their needs, providing insights that unlock their customer’s vision. Two things that will attract you to Logic Monitor will be that everyone you will spoke to will connect with you as a person first, and then will focus on your competencies.

Logic Monitor often does worthwhile things that are quite challenging. By having over 13 years of service and decades of combined experience, within minutes they make it possible for businesses to watch their complete infrastructures, ensuring airline passengers aren’t stranded thanks to system outages, food stays at safe temperatures, and spinning wheels don’t interrupt our favorite streaming shows.

Careers at Logic Monitor

Start the simplest part of your career with Logic Monitor, as they are committed to making an inclusive environment for all their employees, where different backgrounds and perspectives are valued and encouraged. If you are going to start your career with Logic Monitor then there are a lot of things that they are willing to offer you.

  • Purpose-driven, forward-thinking work
  • Meaningful professional growth
  • Great benefits
  • Generous vacation time
  • Innovative perks
  • The best team ever (seriously)

They’re committed to making an inclusive environment for all of their employees, where different backgrounds and perspectives are valued and encouraged. Individuals who are seeking employment at Logic Monitor are considered without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, legal status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status and identity.

Current Jobs in LogicMonitor

Below position are available in LogicMonitor, you can directly apply thru our website by clicking the position listed below.

Salary and Benefits in LogicMonitor

There are many benefits to joining the Logic Monitor team. They provide free snacks + drinks, free LinkedIn learning, exclusive tech talks with guest speakers and reimbursement for classes or conferences that facilitate your further your career in addition to the U.S. benefits like insurance, Free health, dental, vision and life assurance and bank account Contributions.

For U.S. employees who choose their high-deductible plan, Logic Monitor has some more packages for them like, Stock incentive scheme for all employees, Generous Vacation Policy, Vacation will be on Logic Monitor as it’s an enormous cash bonus provided to take a vacation on them after 3 years of employment! Not only that but a monthly gym stipend with free weekly yoga classes and more are also there for you!

How to Apply For the Job

Applying for a job online for any company is not that hard, you can send your CV via email to Logic Monitor. If you think that you are the perfect fit for them, your education and experience will be beneficial for them, then what are you waiting for? You will not only get a good salary package but will also have a very professional environment.

After applying for the job you will receive a call from the company and then you will go through an assignment, and if you passed it then they will call you within 2 days with a great offer!

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